Automate the common, Augment the unique

We have created Data Flow, configurable software that automates the data models and tranformation code you need to load data into MagnumBI.  While ensuring you add the data and business rules that are unique to your industry and business.


Data Flow is designed to seperate the layers in your data warehouse, allowing you to:

  • adapt your data warehouse quickly to source system changes
  • accurately model your business processes
  • augment your data to provide a single view, apply data quality rules and define key metrics
  • scale with the business needs

MagnumBI delivers both predefined data models and prebuilt transformation code to populate these layers, reducing the risk and increased the speed of deploying your data warehouse data.

Importantly Data Flow provides the framework of how the data is stored, during configuration you still decide what data you want to report on and what business rules you want applied. It really does deliver the best of both worlds provided between a precanned and a customised data warehouse.

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