Enterprise Pricing


Scalable enterprise class data and analytics platform

If you need more than just reporting, the MagnumBI Enterprise option provides all the capability you need to deliver an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and advanced analytics models.

We include everything we know you will need.


What does this cover?

We maintain and support both the platform (software and hardware) as well as the loading of your data and production of reports.

  • Unlimited support
    (to resolve both any problems and any questions you may have)
  • Platform and performance monitoring
    (we constantly monitor the MagnumBI platform to make sure its going as fast as it can)
  • Monitoring and maintenance of your data loads
    (to make sure your data is always available when you need it)
  • Our time and IP
    (we have put a fair amount of time architecting the bits of MagnumBI to work together and to build the Data Flow software)
  • Our profit
    (because without it we wont be able to support you for long)


So what hardware and software is included?

We pass on the costs we have from Attunity, Amazon and Yellowfin to you, with no markup. This is the exact same cost if you brought this hardware and software direct from them. The monthly platform fee gives you:

Everything we need to acquire and load your data:

  • Attunity CloudBeam for one data source
    (we use this to acquire your data)
  • Amazon AWS S3 storage
    (we use this to stage your data before loading it into the data store)

Everything we need to store your data:

  • 4TB of compressed data, via 2 clustered AWS Redshift nodes
    (we use this to store your data)

Everything we need to apply business rules to your data:

  • 2 load balanced AWS EC2 servers
    (we use this to run Optimal DataFlow)
    (we use this to store the DataFlow configuration and metadata)

Everything we need to report on your data:

  • 20 Yellowfin users
    (we use this to create your dashboards and reports)
  • 2 load balanced AWS EC2 servers
    (we use this to run YellowFin)
    (we use this to store the YellowFin configuration and metadata)
  • AWS Elastic load balancer
    (we use this to make certain its always available)


Do you need to add more than 1 data source, more than 4TB of data, more than 20 reporting users?

Each of these require us to buy more from Attunity, Amazon AWS and YellowFin, so we have to pass these costs on. But luckily like all things MagnumBi they are easy to understand and affordable.

More Data Sources
Each additional data source costs $500 a month, for the Attunity licenses and Amazon hardware.

More Data
Each additional 2TB of data costs $750 a month, for an additional Amazon Redshift node. 

More Reporting Users
Each additional reporting user costs $70 a month, for an additional Yellowfin License (the Amazon hardware will already scale up-to 400 named users)

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