AgileData Analyst

For Analysts

We put the magic of data engineering into your hands

Low Code

Simply magical low code product reduces the effort to deliver data work, while automating the data engineering rigour

Stop Waiting

Remove the need for you to wait for a team of data engineers to transform data, by doing the data work yourself

Hours Not Weeks

Deliver your insights in hours, not weeks, and at a cost that you can put on your leaders credit card

AgileData Product Features

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Simple to use Data Catalog

Design data using simple business language

Change data using low code business rules

Validate data as you change it

Version rules by default

See the flow of your data with Data Map

Consume data with any last mile tool

AgileData in four easy steps

Read how you collect, combine and consume your data in four easy steps

View more Gone in 60 seconds videos

Modern Data Stack as a Service

We have done the hard work to engineer the AgileData Modern Data Stack, so you don’t have to

Who does it work for

We help analysts to become data magicians, removing the need for them to constantly wait for a team of engineering experts

AgileData Lead


Design data and create business rules to collect, validate, combine and consume data, without having to wait for data engineers

AgileData Business Analyst

Decision Maker

Empower your awesome analyst team and get access to the insight you need, at a click of a button and at a fraction of the cost

AgileData Decision Maker

Product Manager

Spend your time working with decision makers to prioritise the most valuable Information Apps to be delivered and get your data savvy analysts to deliver it, all without having to talk in code

AgileData Way of Working

AgileData is founded on our years of experience working as consultants with a diverse range of organisations helping them adopt proven ways of working to streamline their data and analytics processes.

We are happy to share these ways of working, even if you don't subscribe to our magical product.  After all sharing is caring!

Low code vs complex code

We remove the need to create large volumes of complex code, by providing a low code user interface

With AgileData

AgileData Team - No Data Engineers

Without AgileData

No Data Engineers

Book a Demo

Our co-founder Shane Gibson will take you through the AgileData product and answer any questions you have

Demos takes approximately 45 minutes and we meet virtually via Google Meet

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