Your Fractional Data Team

We do all the work for you, we provide the application, data platform and effort

Everything required to collect, combine and consume your data is included.

No need to pay for a team of data engineers, a bunch of software licenses, or a myriad of cloud infrastructure.

All you pay is the monthly subscription for the data outcome you need.

Simple t-shirt sized pricing magic

Our customers have told us a simple pricing model is the best option for them, one that is simple to understand and removes as much risk of bill shock as is possible.  It also needs to fit the size of their organisation and be able to breath in and out as their organisation grows and shrinks overtime.

We think a simple t-shirt pricing model is the best way to achieve this.

AgileData Leader

For Leaders

We remove the need for you to hire a dedicated data team, by providing you with a fractional data team

No Engineers Needed

We remove the need for you to hire a plethora of data engineers by doing the data work for you, in a way that is simply magical

We are your data team

We provide the ongoing effort, the AgileData platform and the AgileData product to deliver your ongoing data work

From $500k to $30k

Reducing the $500k annual cost you would pay for dedicated data engineers and multiple data platform tools, to $30k a year