Global network of magicians

Ready and willing to perform data magic when needed

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Magical data

Requires a global team of data magician

We know to make data simply magical requires both a set of magical data tools and people who can leverage those tools with skill and flair.

To that end we are looking to foster a global network of people who can make magic happen like we do.

Currently we are focussed on working with data magicians who can apply their craft using our magical techniques, and virtual CxO’s who can assist decisions makers understand the data that is critical to making informed data decisions.

Recruiting early adopter magicians now

We know how important it is for customers to get the help they need, when they need it. To support customers around the world, we aim to build a network of data magicians that are second to none.

Seeking early adopter virtual cXo’s now

We believe more and more organisations will move to a model where their C-level roles are provided by a virtual team member, where that person provides their expertise on a part-time basis.

Low code vs complex code

We remove the need to create large volumes of complex code, by providing a low code user interface

With AgileData

AgileData Team - No Data Engineers

Without AgileData

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